Build in Storybook, reuse everywhere

Chromatic indexes UI components so that teammates can discover and reuse your work. Every component is documented, versioned, and searchable in the cloud.
Made by Storybook • Setup in 2 minutes

Share components across your company
Create a searchable library where teams can discover existing components to reuse.
Catalog all your Storybooks
Explore UI components from across your company in one place without touching a repository.
Searchable component libraries
Find out how and where UI components are used in your projects.
Always up to date
Every time you push code your library is auto updated. No more digging through commits or versions.
Get everyone involved
Ask questions, give feedback, and review work in one shared workspace for teams.

“Deploying to Chromatic is a no brainer. Host your components with testing and collaboration tools out of the box”
Michael Shilman
Michael Shilman
Storybook core maintainer
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Try components before importing
Demo components in an interactive environment that’s complete with test cases and usage docs.
Demo interactive components
Play with components, browse stories, read usage docs, and check cross-browser snapshots, in one convenient place.
Component API and usage docs
When you write docs with Storybook they’re synced with Chromatic and presented alongside your components.
Inspect client-side code
Confirm component behavior by inspecting the fully rendered DOM, styling, and assets. You’ll see what your users see.
Track component history
Every iteration of each UI component is recorded. That means you can finally answer “what did this used to look like?”


Why should I bother documenting components?
Reuse saves you and your team time. Developers invest countless hours building components. Documenting for reuse helps you get the most out of the time you’ve already spent. That reduces the manual work for everyone.
Doesn’t documentation take a lot of work?

Nope. We created the Storybook Docs addon in collaboration with the open source community to auto-generate component documentation. Further customize those docs with Markdown, JSDoc, or TSDoc comments.

Help teammates discover and reuse your components

More workflows using Chromatic
Publish Storybook for reviewShare work with other developers, designers, and PMs to iterate faster and prevent wasted work.Learn more
Visual test to detect bugsEnsure visual consistency in UI components, down to the pixel, viewport, and browser.Learn more
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